Product Overview

Bluedon Internet Audit System is a management system for conducting fine-grained auditing on network operational behaviors, protect customers’ information system, avoid potential hazards information spread, improve the efficiency of enterprise users, create a healthy network environment. Meanwhile, the system can satisfy the requirement of online police for auditing behavior of network users and network crime.


The system uses data mining technology, data packet capturing technology, protocol decoding restore technology, content matching technology, plug-ins and other advanced development and management techniques, supporting most of security audit of the mainstream network protocols, network applications and instant messaging software, specifically including: HTTP, SMTP, POP3, TELNET, FTP, NNTP, RTSP, MMS and other agreements; Networking Forum (BBS ), web chat, web mail (WebMail) and network applications,etc. ; QQ, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and other instant messaging software and online games. With auditing, monitoring, logging and management features that can efficiently find and block the spread of harmful / bad information.