Product Overview

With the growing number of IT business applications, more and more traditional evaluation system cannot reflect the quality of the end-user experience and the overall situation of business. Scattered multi-class business systems satisfy the company’s business, help the company office and solve network security environment, at the same time, the needs of system administrator perceive the overall quality of business applications are increasingly warming. To solve the new challenges of the customer’s business operation and maintenance management, our company provides users with one-stop intelligent, automated monitoring program, standing at end-user position, through simulated trading and real user monitoring, with quantifiable, visual and automated technical to measure the performance of IT business system services of companies, and help users accurately perceived performance and quality of the overall business.

BD-BSM(Business service monitor) is a product designed to monitor the business service. The BD-BSM can inspect the performance and availability through simulating the user-like operation. The BD-BSM follow the process of a business service and collect the simulation result then find out the malfunction point. It also provides the reports to the system administrators.

Features and Functions

Global Monitoring

BD-BSM can monitor multiple business applications, users can intuitively know the running state of the business system, including business alarming information, the business case latency performance, real-time availability of business systems, system latency ranking, etc.

Business Performance Monitoring

By performing simulation tasks, BD-BSM get running delay of business systems, and checks whether the business system exist abnormality. BD-BSM will record running results of scripts each time, the script task information include simulation business systems, execute the script execution start time, end time of execution, execution results and time-consuming.

Business Process Recording

Business process monitoring system use recording plug-in that can record operations that user browser visit the business system. The recording plug-in can record every request information including request url, parameter and http message header information.

Business Policy Configuration

The business system can configure the running policy of script.  The configuration information include the implementation cycle, execution time, business latency thresholds, containing results keywords, and alarm mode.

Business Operation Analysis

By collecting business simulation data, business monitoring system  statistically analyzes these data to help users analyze business performance. Business monitoring system can generate a variety of reports, including business process nodes consuming ranking, business time-consuming trends, business nodes consuming ranking.

7 * 24-hour Monitoring Alarm

BD-BSM can continuously monitor the business system, when an abnormality is detected, the system can inform the operation and maintenance management personnel through SMS, mail or interface tips.

Product advantage

End-to-end user experience perception

According to statistics, more than 80% of the end-user will assess the the business system with their sense, the user can not intuitively perceive the overall system performance. This program centered on the user experience, from KQI (business layer), KPI (system level), PI (device layer) and multiple dimensions, focusing on the business end users subjective experience (QoE),feel the performance of the whole system from user’s view, detect the key parameters the users use of the business end, perceive the user experience forwardly, combined with existing business systems end-to-end performance sequence, judge IT operation and maintenance service capabilities from the perspective of business application availability in a quantifiable way.

Passive to active mode

System uphold the ideas of active defense, active analysis, proactive monitoring, get rid of “treatment after pollution” outdated security management model, to achieve the successful transformation of information management from “passive response” to “active early warning”. Before a fault occurs, the state of the network can automatically detect changes in key elements, and automatically match the rule base and make multi-dimensional data mining and correlation analysis.

Business detection transparency

Through process that tracking node (TP, Trace Point) recording mode, quality measurement process of business availability automatically model for each business critical process nodes, automatically learn business script and execute the script, simultaneously test the multiple business systems performance and monitor the state, providing multiple views at any time convenient for administrators to observe whether the operation of specific applications is available or not.