Bluedon is one of the leading network security solution providers in China, and became a Cloud Security Alliance corporate member and started to put effort into cloud security in 2010. At 2012, Bluedon went public, got listed on the Shenzhen Exchange and was rated by Forbes magazine as one of top100 most promising listed companies in China. Bluedon has always been providing network security products and best practice services, helping customers protect their data and information. Over 10,000 customers worldwide run on Bluedon’s high performance network security solutions, including China’s large state-owned enterprises , Fortune 500 companies, famous education and financial institutions and telecom operators.

According to International Data Corporation statistics, Bluedon has been the Top5 of Firewall and Internet Activity Audit in China since the year of 2010. Bluedon’s products cover 4 categories, security gateway, network activity audit, endpoint security and web security. Specifically, IDS/IPS, UTM, BSM, Database Security Audit and Security Operation Center have been highly commended with outstanding performance by customers from different area.

Bluedon Security Audit Platform (SAP) is a leading-edge security management system targeted at fine-grained auditing of Internet data traffic in a wide variety of business environments. Taking full advantage of innovative deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, and leveraging the power of application protocol analysis, it can bring the customers the visibility into the network traffic coming in and out of Internet, as well as valuable insight of business data being transported on the wire in a real-time manner. As enterprise business is increasingly dependent on the reliable operation and security assurance of Internet data exchange, regulatory compliance is becoming one of the business issues which any business teams have to deal with due diligence. With the availability of a powerful security audit platform, customers can, as a part of their risk management plans, follow the best security practices and implement a security policy as dictated by business management. In addition to providing the required safe storage of security audit data to meet compliance requirements, our solution can help customers to detect and respond to anomalous network activity and closely monitor the access to sensitive data in enterprise databases and application systems.

Bluedon Security Operation Center(SOC) based on practical needs of users, help users to manage the security device and event centrally and configure the security strategy uniformly and improve the risk management level, etc. In this way, Bluedon SOC make users’ network safe and reliable. It consists of “four centers and six functional modules”, which implement information collection, analysis and processing, response management, risk assessment, process specifications, integrated display and  all the functions that network security management need to have. Bluedon Security Operation Center will fully satisfy the demand of large high-end customer groups in the financial, telecommunications, government, education and so on, also can design product that meet the needs of mid-sized network organizations in an on-demand way.

Every day, Bluedon is helping our customers secure their networks. Every innovation we bring out, every technology we create is inspired by our desire to help solve our customers’ toughest challenges so they can compete and thrive today and into the future.