With the development of information technology, network plays a vital role in education, which not only improves the efficiency of teaching and learning, but also improves resource sharing. However, it also brings numbers of drawbacks to the school. Firstly, without attention to the network security issues, there are many potential threats to the school. For example, campus network may be attacked by the hackers and the viruses, which may result in a great loss of data in the scientific research servers. What’s worse, with the rapid expansion of campus network and the increasing number of network users, it is more difficult to manage the network and supervise the user’s behavior.

Main Problems

Lack of effective network managementPoor visibility of network status leads to the difficulty of network management and maintenance. A system that can monitor the network status and user’s behavior is needed.

Lack of a secure network environmentCampus network may be attacked by hackers, viruses etc., which may result in data leakage. Effective network defense measures are needed.

Lack of healthy network environment – Inappropriate and illegal content, such as pornography and gambling can be browsed via campus network. Measures are required to restrict the access to the illegal websites.

Bandwidth abuse – Large portion of the bandwidth is used for P2P downloads of movies and music, resulting in poor network performance and slow access for critical teaching and learning resources. Measures are required to effectively allocate bandwidth to the accesses by different users.



In order to solve the problems and guarantee the performance of the campus network and create a secure and healthy Internet environment, a customized solution is proposed.

  • Firewall, Intrusion Detection System and Loophole scanning System are required to deploy into the campus network to prevent the threats from the Internet and protect the servers in DMZ area.
  • Audit System is needed to resolve the problems regarding bandwidth, flow control, network management, and website restriction. Audit System provides a comprehensive reporting and auditing features. Once the device is deployed into the network, all traffic is recorded and reported in real time, enabling the IT department to analyze the network status, control the bandwidth and flexibly allocate the bandwidth to each application, user or group. Moreover, the device can restrict and block the unhealthy websites and content as well.