Nowadays, information technology has become more and more important to the enterprises. Specifically, enterprises have many branches in different locations. In order to achieve resource sharing and enhance collaboration, colleagues from different places need to interconnect and intercommunicate with each other via Internet. However, with the continuous occurrence of network security events, network security problem has become a hot issue and negatively influences the stability and development of the enterprises. Fortunately, most of the enterprises have fully understood the importance of the network security construction, but the widely distributed locations and large number of workforce bring many network construction challenges.


Challenges and Solutions

To establish a reliable distributed network

In order to provide a secure channel for data sharing and mobile officing, it is proposed that SSL VPN devices are deployed in each branches and Headquarters to establish a highly reliable and usable distributed network.

To achieve an effective account management

Enterprises have many systems and users. It is not only difficult for IT department to manage the account information, but also hard for users to remember such a lot of accounts for different systems. It is proposed that a Centralized Account Management System is deployed into the network, enabling users to access to different systems by entering a uniform account.

To achieve network security protection and surveillance

There are more and more threats and attacks from the Internet, some of which may cause fatal damage to the whole network or result in a great loss of data of the enterprises. In order to protect the network and the systems, it is suggested that an effective access control and protection measure are necessary by applying Firewall and Intrusion Detection System. Moreover, a Loophole Scanning System is needed to deploy to achieve network security surveillance.

To achieve bandwidth control

Network is always abused for Internet surfing and video streaming in the enterprises. It is highly recommended that an Audit System should be applied to record the network behaviors and flexibly allocate the bandwidth to each application, user or group.